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PDF Download, 0,07 MB 0,07 MB Conversion of the Contiroll labelling station type 745 from PIV gears to a servo drive

Your advantages:

Reduction of the mechanical and wear-prone components to a minimum

Suitable for the following machine types:

Only for Contiroll labelling stations without servo drive and with LCT3 controller (K 745-300 to approx. K 745-699)

Your Benefit

  • 效率
  • 环境
  • 介质
  • 质量
  • 人员
  • 材料

The following improvements will be achieved:

  • With the direct feed roller drive by a servo motor, there is no more tolerance carryover due to the plate-link chain and the taper disks that occurred up to now.
  • The control behaviour can be regulated more exactly and the label length can be adjusted more easily.
  • The system features reduced maintenance requirements, since oil change and monitoring are completely dispensed with.
  • The conversion enables processing a larger label area (136 mm - 604 mm). The label length which can actually be handled depends on the labelling station type.

Installation with minimum production loss

Our trained personnel will perform the necessary tasks for you within the shortest possible time. This guarantees fast restart of operation. The conversion work can be down in connection with a general overhaul or partial servicing. The scheduled assembly period can be co-ordinated with the visit of a service engineer in your region.




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